The Sun and the Ocean: the Best Beaches of Brazil You Need to Try

Santos Beach, Santos nr. Sao Paulo

Santos beach is an hour away from Sao Paulo. It’s a 3.5-mile stretch of sand with a lovely garden inland of the beach which runs its whole length. Santos itself is the largest harbor in Latin America, but this does not detract from the enjoyment locals and tourists get when hanging out at the lovely beach. Santos beach attracts all ages and different kinds of travelers – families and couples, active youngsters and those who just want to relax. In the unlikely scenario that it is raining, the nearby Brazilian Coffee Museum or the aquarium are just two of many things to fill your time.

Praia de Pipa, Natal, Rio Grande do Norte

This fishing village near Natal in Rio Grande do Norte is a favorite with the locals from nearby Recife looking for a weekend break, but as yet, it is fairly undiscovered by international tourists – although a few of those who have found it have never left. The setting is lovely, with steep, pink cliffs, forest, sand and sea. There are sand dunes held together by green vegetation – you can hire a buggy and explore them if you wish. Water sports are popular and it is fun to try and spot some dolphins. The nightlife is casual and vibrant, with great bars and cafes.

Ilha de Tinhare, Cairu, Bahia

There are a series of lovely beaches on the island of Tinhare in Cairu Municipality, Bahia. They range from small stretches of sand to larger ones with significant tourist infrastructure. Surfers will enjoy the lovely waters, as will those wanting to dive or explore the rock pools. If you want action on land, you will find nice bars and restaurants, providing plenty to do after the sun goes down. Those looking for peace and quiet can find that as well. Accommodation fits every budget and you will be able to choose a spot where you will literally step straight out of your room onto the sand.

Porto de Galinhas, Recife

Porto de Galinhas is to the south of Recife and has regularly appeared in Brazil’s top tourist magazine. It was once simply a fishing village, but the lovely reef pools have made it great for swimming and snorkeling, colorful tropical fish add to the stunning environment that you are sure to be enamored with. You can hire a small boat to take you out exploring – as long as you stay away from protected areas. The beach is actually 11-miles long, and local restaurants and accommodation options make this a great holiday destination.

Praia dos Carneiros, Recife

North of Recife, Praia dos Carneiros is a beach close to Tamandare. There is a great stretch of beach and wetlands where you can wander for miles in perfect peace. Think of the postcards you have seen of an idyllic beach – that is Carneiros, which sits looking out over a bay, white sand and blue sea. The backdrop is a line of palms, while the warm water is inevitably calm. There are boat tours available, as well as boats for rent. It will be fairly quiet, precisely because it is family-owned – you will need to pay to access it but it is so worth the money.

Caraiva, Porto Seguro, Bahia

Bahia is a State full of fishing villages and great beaches, of which Cavaiva is one. It is 30-miles to the south of Porto Seguro and relatively unknown. Vehicles are not permitted, so the only sounds are the peaceful waves and the bays of the mules, the local form of transport. Electricity is a relatively recent addition to a setting of green headlands, blue sea, and miles of sand. The seafood is wonderful and fresh, and mules bring in any drinks that visitors might crave. Those visitor numbers are certain to increase – Cavaiva can’t remain a secret much longer.

Taipus de Fora, Marau, Bahia

Taipus de Fora is located on the Marau Peninsula in Bahia and has become famous for its wonderful snorkeling. At low tide, reef pools remain, filled with bright, tropical fish. The colors as a whole are stunning – the fish themselves, the palms, sea, and sand. There is plenty of sandy beach and you can certainly find areas where there is no one else around. Sun beds and shades are in place for tourists and there is a nice bar near one of the pools, as well as reasonably priced accommodation – camping is also popular.

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