Popular Places to Visit in Brazil

Morro de São Paulo

This island located to the south of Salvador, is home to beautiful villages, beaches and rain-forests, so you can imagine how pretty this place must be.

Ipanema Beach

Naturally, no trip to Brazil will be complete without visiting the famous Ipanema Beach. Although Brazil has heaps of prettier beaches where you can rest and relax, nothing beats the vibe of this place.

Gruta Do Lago Azul (Blue Lake Grotto)

This stunning natural pool plunges down over 200 feet deep and is filled with some of the most dazzling blue water you’ll ever see. Surrounded by a rugged cave, this spot attracts visitors from all over to come gaze at its sparkling waters.

Hiking Trails in Brazil for Nature Enthusiasts

Brazil Mamanguá Fjord Trekking - 4 Days

Spend four days trekking around the Saco do Mamanguá peninsula, a natural paradise with beautiful beaches and accessible trails. Explore Brazil's only fjord from kayak and take in the sweeping views of mountains, beaches, and waterfalls, then hike the Sugar Loaf Peak of Mamanguá, a postcard-perfect highlight of the region.

Rio de Janeiro Trek: Itatiaia National Park - 2 Days

A true mountaineering paradise, Itatiaia National Park houses the highest point in the state of Rio de Janeiro: the majestic Pico das Agulhas Negras. In this 2-day Itatiaia expedition, you'll climb the two park's main rock formations, Agulhas Negras Peak and Prateleiras Peak, enjoying fantastic views of the park from both summits.

Rio de Janeiro Trek: Portais de Hércules - 2 Days

Considered the best viewpoint over the Serra dos Órgãos mountain range, you'll trek to Portais de Hércules on this two-day excursion from Rio de Janeiro. Perfect for athletic travelers short on time, you'll depart the capital early on day one, trek through forest and plateaus to Castelos do Açú basecamp, and reward yourself the following morning with a sunrise trek to the famed lookout.

Unforgettable Beaches for a Perfect Vacation

Praia do Perigoso
Possibly one of the best secret beaches in Brazil is Praia do Perigoso. This is also one of the most difficult beaches to get to, though. If you want to visit, it will take an hour and a half to hike to the cliffs overlooking the beach near Rio de Janeiro.
Praia do Riacho
Praia do Riacho is considered to be an untouched, and almost wild, beach near São Miguel dos Milagres. The beach itself consists of golden sand and a wonderful blue green ocean.
Taipus de Fora Beach
Taipus de Fora Beach, at Bahia, is about seven kilometers of beautiful beach lined by sweeping palm trees. At low tide, the coral reefs create beautiful pools perfect for snorkeling to see the array of marine life.


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